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Casa Bonita

                  Mexican Restaurant

Lunch is Served Monday Thur Friday From 11:30 am to 2pm

Except on Holidays

All lunch specials are served with your choice of refried, rancho or black beans

and Mexican rice. 

       Tamales are chicken, pork or soya  

Meat choice: Chicken - Pork- Soya - Ground Beef - Birria

#1 One Tamale $10.99 - #2 One Tostada $10.99 - #3 Crispy Taco $10.99

#4 One Enchilada $10.99 - #5 One Chimichanga $11.99

#6 Two Enchiladas $11.99 - #7 Enchiladas & Tamale $11.99 - #8  Enchilada & Taco $11.99

#9 Two Tacos  $11.99 - #10 Taco &Tamale $11.99

#11 Tortilla Soup  $11.99  #12 Vegetable Soup $11.99.

Carnitas Rancheras Strips 

of  steak or chicken sauteed onions, bell peppers, cilantro and tomatoes. Garnished with Guacamole $14.99

Grande Burrito

Large flour tortilla (no sauce) Filled with rice, beans and cheese with your choice of  

pollo, steak, adobada, pastor

chorizo, birria, carnitas or soya. $13.99  

Super Burrito 

Large flour tortilla filled with rice and beans and your choice of  

chicken, ground beef, pork, birria or soya. $13.99  

Vegetales Al Mojo 

A vegetable mixture sauteed in butter, garlic and Casa Bonita seasoning $10.99

Chorizo con Huervos

 Home made chorizo with scrambled eggs, onions and tomatoes $10.99 



 Two seasoned grilled corn tortillas filled with melted cheese fresh onions and cilantro with your choice of birria, chicken, pork or soya. $12.99  

Casa Burger - Chicken Sandwich 

Garden Burger

Single patty 11.99 Double $13.99


Puerco Ahumado 

Tender fire braised pork topped with grilled onions and fresh cilantro $14.99  

Taco Salad 

Large crispy flour tortilla with beans on bottom, filled with lettuce and your choice of 

chicken, pork, ground beef, birria or soya $11.99

Chile Relleno 

A traditional fire roasted whole poblano pepper with stem and seeds

covered in egg batter, red sauce and melted cheese $12.99 

Chicken Taquitos Rancheros

 Crispy rolled corn tortilla with chicken (12) pieces with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream


Vegan Combo

Our home made vegan tamale with a baked hard shell taco filled with a flame broiled

vegan patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a tomato sauce.

Served with black beans $12.99

Tacos Mexicanos

Three soft corn tortillas filled with your choice of meat, topped withfresh onions and cilantro.

Choice: Pollo - Adobada - Carnitas - Chorizo - Fish -  Pastor - Birria - Soya $14.99

Steak or Barbacoa $ $15.99   Shrimp or Lengua $16.99